About Us Arka

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We want you to enjoy drinking ARKA beer as much as we enjoy brewing it. We carefully select natural ingredients, and spend our hours crafting refreshing flavors, crisp aromas, and balanced-tasting beer recipes.

Every culture on our sun-warmed stone celebrates the simple pleasure of good-tasting food, aptly paired with a crisp, refreshing beverage, ARKA Premium Lager balances the familiar caramelized malt character of rice with a bright, crisp, and citrusy orange-grapefruit finish. Refreshing! Pair our perfected signature lager with your choice of savor for a delightful experience.

We recommend hot wings, skewers, and kebab, shellfish, chicken tossed in spicy sauces, and loaded nachos with jalapeños.

Core Values

Embrace high-quality beer and wine.

Responsible enjoyment & promoting good culture – Good Drinks bring great people together.

Cultivating potential through learning, high involvement culture, and opportunities.

Balancing the myriad needs of the company, co-workers and their families.

Continuous, innovative quality and efficiency improvements.

Be humble, have fun.

Druid Brands is the Brand Owner and Distributor of ARKA beer.
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