About Arka

The sun is the most important source of energy for humans and all life on earth. Without its nourishment, our Earth would be an ice-coated ball, devoid of the endless colors of life. The sun warms our seas, stirs the atmosphere, generates weather patterns, and gifts energy to the glowing plants that provide the food and oxygen which make life possible – even the ingredients required for brewing the beers that make life worthwhile!

We want you to enjoy drinking ARKA Indian Premium Lager as much as we enjoy brewing it. We carefully selected natural ingredients spent hours crafting refreshing flavors, crisp aroma and very balanced tasting beer.

Every culture on our sun-warmed stone celebrates the simple pleasure of good-tasting food, aptly paired with a crisp, refreshing beverage, ARKA Premium Lager balances the familiar caramelized malt character of rice with a bright, crisp, and citrusy orange-grapefruit finish. Refreshing! Pair our perfected signature lager with your choice of savor for a delightful experience.

We recommend Hot Wings, Skewers, Kebab, Shell fish, Chicken tossed in spicy sauces. Dont forget everyone hot favorite loaded nachos with lots of jalapeños!!

Core Values

Embrace high-quality beer and wine.

Responsible enjoyment & promoting good culture – Good Drinks bring great people together.

Cultivating potential through learning, high involvement culture, and opportunities.

Balancing the myriad needs of the company, co-workers and their families.

Continuous, innovative quality and efficiency improvements.

Be humble, have fun.

Druid Brands is the Brand Owner and Distributor of ARKA beer.
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